Sample Emergency Action Plan


Be Safe During an Earthquake

  • Remain calm so that you are better able to assess the damage and assist others in need.
  • Take cover.

    * If you are inside

        - Stay there and move under a sturdy piece of furniture

        - Stay away from windows

        - Protect your head and face with any available protective material

    * If you are outdoors

        - Stay there and find an open area

        - Stay away from tall buildings, structures, power lines, trees, and other tall structures

    * If you are inside a vehicle

        - Pull over and stop in an open area

        - Keep your seatbelt fastened

        - Stay away from bridges, overpasses, tall structures, and trees

        - Stay inside your vehicle since it will protect you from falling and flying objects


Respond After an Earthquake

  • Stay safe after the quake

    * Do not go outdoors until you are sure that falling or flying debris will not suddenly strike you.

    * Do not use the elevator because a power outage may happen right after the quake

    * Check if there are any injured or trapped people near you.

    * Try to help as much as you can by following emergency medical procedures.

    * Follow the evacuation plan of the building you are in.

  • Identify the condition of your other family members especially those with special needs or requirements.
  • Turn off utilities and keep emergency tools and supplies nearby.


Communicate and Recover After an Earthquake

  • Meet your family members or housemates in a safe place outside of your home.
  • You should have a contact person who everyone in your group can call to relay information.
  • Locate your list of important contact phone numbers.
  • Obtain your essential documents and emergency supply kit